Through our cooperation and partnership of our experienced companies, we aim to be global leaders in promotional gifts and full concepts, universally respected for innovation, quality, excellent service and value. Our integrated solutions enable us to offer the best customer-oriented service by developing a broader know-how in the following areas:

  • global and local markets challenges, combining a worldwide strategic view with a clear hands-on local market approach. This enables us to serve you in the local language and have knowledge of the local activities and needs, all without forgetting the global context
  • product and material innovations
  • establishing long-term relationships with existing customers and reaching new target groups

Our collective strategy is designed to create economic, environmental and social value: on the behalf of customers, employees, investors and society.
We strive for a sustained, positive identity and a shared direction, creating added value for all our customers. We are involved in the entire process, especially in projects where the expertise and competencies of our people can directly contribute to its success. From initial concept and item sourcing until production, factory audit, Q&S inspection and delivery, we optimally respond global challenges regarding product trends and safety.

We place the creation of added value for our customers at the center of our activities. In an era of global interconnection, we regard it a challenge and an opportunity to continue to strengthen our organization’s strength and benefit from the broad expertise available across our international cooperation.
A strong internationalization through local presence, offers us growth opportunities, while increasing the efficiency of our services to customers worldwide:

  • we ensure fast reaction and responsive time, understanding the importance of “time to market”
  • our staff speaks fluent English, French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Dutch, Chinese (Mandarin and Cantonese) and Italian
  • we purchase at optimal location (taking into account price, timing and supplier’s capacity)
  • quality and safety follow-up service from our professional staff members
  • facilitate deliveries (offering direct deliveries if required)
  • global projects can be, for your convenience, monitored centrally and operated locally
  • combine production and shipments at customer’s convenience
  • ideas are shared on a global scale through our web based idea box (global customer corner)

We continue to place great value in the issue of sustainability, which is a firmly integrated principle in our business strategy. All of our business activities take social and environmental requirements into account.